I’m an indie author. There’s a lot of good and bad that comes with that. The good is that I’m able to tell the story how I feel it should be told, and use all of my resources to reach the audience that would like to read it. Especially in this day and age, there are so many great reasons to be an indie author. Truly, the gap has been closing between the big guys and the little guys like me.

But, it does come with some limitations.

That’s why previously, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf has not been available in most bookstores, and international fans have had to either get the e-book version, or pay a ridiculous overseas shipping price. Not ideal, for sure, but have to work with what I’ve got.

But that’s all about to change.

I am proud to announce that, alongside the launch of Tale of the Gévaudan Beast, I will be releasing the 2nd edition of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, which will be available to many international markets as well as bookstores across the world.

What do you mean, “2nd Edition?”

Mostly, this 2nd edition of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is just going to be a few minor touch ups. Different font, larger margins, plus an excerpt of the prequel at the end. It’ll be a nicer version, but if you already have the paperback of Wisconsin Werewolf, you probably won’t need this new one. There isn’t any new material in it, such as the extra scenes I’ve started revealing (although there may be a deluxe edition with those sometime in the future).

The biggest new thing about this 2nd edition, however, is in the distribution. It will be made available for any bookstore or library in the US to order, and will be available to purchase in many international markets as well. I know for a fact that most of the UK will be able to purchase the book when this 2nd edition comes out, and I’d imagine several other places will soon as well.

This is great news! If you’re overseas and have been anxious to get the paperback copy of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, soon you will get your chance. And fans in the US will soon be able to request this book at their library, and maybe even convince their local bookstore to stock it as well. Most of the time, these places will order a book based on customer requests. So when the 2nd edition goes live, be sure to hit up your local bookstores and libraries!

Exciting times ahead for the end of October! Start the countdown; Tale of the Gévaudan Beast will be released on October 26th, and the international version of Wisconsin Werewolf goes live soon after!