That’s right; the time has come. For today and tomorrow ONLY, the digital version of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is available FREE!

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This deal only is only good for Saturday, August 31st and Sunday, September 1st. After that, the ebook goes back to it’s original price.

So get it while you can! (And if you’re a fan, feel free to tell a friend about this deal, too. You’ll look like a cool kid, plus you’ll earn major awesome points from me ~_^)

No Kindle? No Problem!

If the thought of reading Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf free got you all amped up, only to be crushed by the grim realization you don’t actually have a Kindle, don’t worry! That’s no excuse for losing out on this great deal.

Here Are Your Options, My Kindle-less Friends

  • Read it in-browser with Amazon’s Cloud Reader. Because most people in the 21st century have a web browser. You can pick up your shiny new free copy of Wisconsin Werewolf, and read it right on your browser. Don’t have to download anything, pay for anything, or even really do anything. Just sit back, and read.
  • Download the Desktop Kindle program. For serious readers who don’t want to fuss around with a web browser (or would be too easily distracted by Facebook if the temptation was so close). Amazon offers a free program you can download to your computer, and read all of your Kindle books there. Very handy, particularly if you don’t have consistent internet to use the browser-based option.
  • Get the free Kindle app for your phone or tablet. Most of us have phones smarter than we are by now (I know I do). Or maybe you have a tablet best-buddy. Whether it’s Android or iSomething, Amazon has a free Kindle app available. So, as long as you have your phone, you could be flipping through Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf!
  • Best of all—these things all sync together! You can start reading on the web-based cloud reader, succumb to your Facebook urges, free yourself by switching to the desktop program, then run to the grocery store and finish that chapter while you wait in line at the checkout. All without ever spending a single penny! Now that’s a deal! Plus, as an added bonus, if you ever do get a dedicated Kindle device, you’ll already have your first (and favorite) book ready to go.

But, but… I already have the Paperback of Wisconsin Werewolf


So, since you already have it, should you still pick up a digital copy for free?

Of course you should!

Seriously, why not? I already showed you all the easy ways you can read it, even without a Kindle. If you enjoyed Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf (again, cool!), then you might as well grab a digital version of it for free.

Say you’re stuck at a family reunion, with nothing but your phone and bad food. Sure, you could play Angry Birds and Bejeweled until your fingers are numb… Or, you could go on an adventure with Will all over again, reliving the fun you had the first time.

Or, what about that ever-annoying checkout line at the store? You might not have the hands to play a game (one hand gripping your cart tightly, for fee of grand theft lettuce), but read a book? Sure. Only takes one palm, and the occasional flick of a thumb.

Or maybe someday you do get a Kindle. Not just an app, but a real, honest-to-goodness, glorious, E-ink displayin’ Kindle. Wouldn’t you rather have picked that free book up while you could?

So Pick up your Free copy of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf now—while you still can!