Where can I Order Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf?

The best place to order Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is straight from the source. Click here to order from the official website.

You can also order Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf from Amazon.com, either as a paperback or in the Kindle edition.


Why isn’t Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf available in most bookstores?

Because Enygma Enterprises (the independent publisher company founded by Edison) is not like other publishers. It was important to us that an Extended Preview was available for Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf. That way, potential fans can read the entire first half of the book, without spending a dime. This takes the risk out of the buying process—because you already know if you like it or not!

But if we signed a deal with major distributors (who put books on the bookshelves of major bookstores), we couldn’t do this. They require exclusive rights to the digital version. So they decide what we do with the digital version, as well as the paperback.

So as a business, we made the hard decision to do what we believe is best for you, the reader.


Is the Beast of Bray Road real?

Although Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is fiction, it was inspired by very true stories.


I don’t live in the US; can I still buy Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf?

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to ship internationally for a reasonable price. We hope to find a solution to this in the future, but for now it is just impractical.

However, you do have options! Scroll down to purchase the Complete eBook Package here for a very reasonable price. You can then read it on your computer, tablet, or your eReader of choice.


How Can I Keep Up on Wisconsin Werewolf News?

There are lots of ways to stay up-to-date on all Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf news and features. You can follow it on Facebook, circle Edison T. Crux and TotWW on Google+, follow Edison’s Twitter feed, or subscribe to Edison’s Youtube Channel.

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