Name: Will Lewis

Age: 15

Hair: Brown, trimmed.

Eyes: Blue



Will isn’t popular. He’s not charismatic. In fact, he thinks of himself as completely unremarkable. He loves Sudoku. Always follows the rules. Enjoys reading. And never, ever expected his life to turn around like it did.

At his core, Will has a strong heart. He has a firm belief in what is right, and does his best to live by it. This might make him seem “by-the-book” when it comes to rules, but it goes beyond that. Will is compelled to do the right thing, even when it puts him in danger.

Will is introverted, and lacks people skills. He’s never been good with finding the right words, and when nervous struggles to find any at all. He keeps most of his thoughts to himself.

His love of Sudoku has trained Will to think analytically. When faced with a problem, he looks for the missing links to complete the picture. Life is a puzzle to Will, and he solves it like any other; with quiet concentration.


Will was born and raised in Beloit, Wisconsin. An only child, Will spent most of his time to himself. He was the kid who read a book instead of played with others. Will didn’t mind; in fact, he enjoyed time to himself more than anything.

Will’s parents, John and Cassandra Lewis, gave him the best life they could. John was the area manager for a local bank chain. He worked long days, and spent most of it keeping his employees honest. John Lewis held his son to that same standard; Will was expected to tell the truth, have manners, and always follow the rules. Will looked up to his father. It was because of him that Will knew the difference between right and wrong.

Cassandra Lewis prided herself on being a stay-at-home, working mother. She always had a home cooked meal on the table. Took care of her son. And worked from home as a freelance virtual assistant. The hours were flexible, and allowed her to do all the things that were important to her. Between her and John’s combined income, money was never a crisis for the Lewis family.

Occasionally Will’s family went to Elkhorn to visit his grandparents. Grandpa Connor and Grandma Eleanor were the only extended family Will had (aside from his great-uncle, Barbason, but he rarely spoke to him). He enjoyed spending time with his grandparents. They were always so happy, and made each visit a big event.

Will was happy with his upbringing. But none of it prepared him for what was to come.