Pre-Order Wisconsin Werewolf, & Read Half the Book—Today!

That’s right—if you pre-order Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, you can read over half of the book before it goes on sale!

Part 1 of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf has the first 10 chapters—that’s 156 pages!—of the book. It is available as either a downloadable PDF or as a “Kindle-Friendly” version. Everyone who has already pre-ordered has an email on the way with instructions to download.

Speaking of “Kindle-Friendly,” I will be adding another option for pre-ordering soon. For all those e-reader enthusiasts, you will soon be able to pre-order the Kindle edition of the book, for only $7.99! Keep your eyes peeled for that update in the days to come.

The wait is over. Start reading today, and come to the epic conclusion when Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf goes on sale 12/15/12!

The Change Begins—Today!

Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf

The Official Cover Art & Release Date!

You’ve waited, and now it’s time.

I am proud to announce the official release date of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, as well as reveal a preview of the cover art!

I hope it was worth the wait.

March 22nd, 2013.

Let the countdown begin!


Something big is coming…

Hi all,

If I’ve seemed absent, don’t worry; I’ve been getting my hands dirty writing like never before. Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is quickly transforming into a finished product. It’s so close, I can almost count the days until it hits the market.

That being said, there’s big news in store…

Starting today, WisconsinWerewolf.com will be under construction. Expect new content, features, and other surprises over the next few days.

Now, there’s one change that might be a little disappointing… The chapter-by-chapter updates will no longer be available!

Don’t worry—I won’t leave you hanging. They will be replaced by a fully-finished sample of Wisconsin Werewolf’s first 3 chapters. Within the new few weeks it will be available as a free PDF download.

Stay tuned. Good things are on the way!



P.S. Check back tomorrow for some really big news…

The Fourth Installment

The newest chapter of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is now available for users to read!

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If the last chapter left you with questions, Will is right there with you. But the search for answers only deepens the mystery of Elkhorn’s little secret. What is the Beast of Bray Road? And could Uncle Barbason have anything to do with it?


You can read Chapter 4 in the Chapters section, available to registered users only.

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