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Wisconsin Werewolf 2nd Edition & International Availability

I’m an indie author. There’s a lot of good and bad that comes with that. The good is that I’m able to tell the story how I feel it should be told, and use all of my resources to reach the audience that would like to read it. Especially in this day and age, there are so many great reasons to be an indie author. Truly, the gap has been closing between the big guys and the little guys like me.

But, it does come with some limitations.

That’s why previously, Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf has not been available in most bookstores, and international fans have had to either get the e-book version, or pay a ridiculous overseas shipping price. Not ideal, for sure, but have to work with what I’ve got.

But that’s all about to change.

I am proud to announce that, alongside the launch of Tale of the Gévaudan Beast, I will be releasing the 2nd edition of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, which will be available to many international markets as well as bookstores across the world.

What do you mean, “2nd Edition?”

Mostly, this 2nd edition of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is just going to be a few minor touch ups. Different font, larger margins, plus an excerpt of the prequel at the end. It’ll be a nicer version, but if you already have the paperback of Wisconsin Werewolf, you probably won’t need this new one. There isn’t any new material in it, such as the extra scenes I’ve started revealing (although there may be a deluxe edition with those sometime in the future).

The biggest new thing about this 2nd edition, however, is in the distribution. It will be made available for any bookstore or library in the US to order, and will be available to purchase in many international markets as well. I know for a fact that most of the UK will be able to purchase the book when this 2nd edition comes out, and I’d imagine several other places will soon as well.

This is great news! If you’re overseas and have been anxious to get the paperback copy of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf, soon you will get your chance. And fans in the US will soon be able to request this book at their library, and maybe even convince their local bookstore to stock it as well. Most of the time, these places will order a book based on customer requests. So when the 2nd edition goes live, be sure to hit up your local bookstores and libraries!

Exciting times ahead for the end of October! Start the countdown; Tale of the Gévaudan Beast will be released on October 26th, and the international version of Wisconsin Werewolf goes live soon after!

Edison & Wisconsin Werewolf

Recap of Wisconsin Werewolf’s Free Ebook Weekend

In case you missed it (and I really hope you didn’t), last weekend I was giving away the kindle edition of Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf free. I really talked it up big time—I wanted to make sure everyone got their chance at it.

So, how did Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf’s first free weekend go?

It was amazing. We gave out 317 copies locally, and even more internationally!

Everyone pitched in, got excited, and really helped spread the word. I couldn’t have done it alone, and I can’t thank you fans enough. You all stepped up to the plate, and made this an incredible weekend.

But… Why Give It Away?

A couple people asked me this. Why give the book away? It sounds like a crazy idea. There are two major reasons why this was a great thing for everyone.

Edison & Wisconsin Werewolf

Reason 1; Free is Awesome

As I mentioned on my personal blog, I love reading high-quality free books. It rocks. And due to a special deal Amazon gives its Kindle authors, we can run short sales like this where the book is completely free.

Readers love this. I love it! I love getting great books without having to spend money. It encourages me to try new authors, too. If I had to pay for every book I read, you better believe I’d stick with the sure thing more often—and quickly run out of books by Stephen King, Michael Crichton, Dan Brown, Dean Koontz, etc. But if it’s free? Sure, I’ll try it. Why not, right? If I start reading and it sucks, I’ll stop and won’t be out anything more than a couple minutes.

I’ve discovered some great books this way, by authors I never would have taken the chance on otherwise.

So that’s a big reason why I did this promotion; because I believe in it strongly from the reader’s perspective. I know how great it is to discover a new favorite author without risking your money on it. Some people who got a free copy of Wisconsin Werewolf last weekend are going to absolutely love it. And they’ll keep me in mind. Maybe they’ll sign up for The Enoc Tales Newsletter, or follow me on Facebook, Google+, Youtube, or Twitter. Or maybe they’ll just tell one friend, who thinks that book sounds cool.

Either way, it’s totally worth it.

Reason 2; Building Momentum

I’ll admit it—I kind of fell off the face of the Earth for a few months there. It happens. But now, things are really kicking into gear around The Enoc Tales. As this post explains, the newsletter is up and running, the prequel—Tale of the Gévaudan Beast—will be out very soon, and even more great surprises for the series are coming.

But first, I had to remind people that I existed.

So spending two days giving away free copies of a great book? Yeah, I’d say that got peoples’ attention. Now that I have it, the party can really get started. The countdown begins for Gévaudan Beast, and the next books in The Enoc Tales. Things are in high gear, and the best way to stay in the loop is to sign up for the newsletter. Seriously, do it. You’ll be glad you did.

Will You Do a Sale Like This Again?

Absolutely! This was the first free weekend, but I’ll be doing this again (for this book AND future ones!) So keep up on the news to hear when the next sale is coming around.

Got Your Copy? Want to Help More?

First of all—awesome! Hope you love it.

If you have your copy of Wisconsin Werewolf (whether you got it free last weekend or have had it awhile now), one thing that would really help is taking a few minutes to leave a review on Amazon. It doesn’t even have to be good; just honest. Say what you really thought about the book, so other potential readers know better if they’ll like it or not. It helps me, sure, but it also helps people flipping through Amazon.

So Thanks Again, to each and Every Wisconsin Werewolf Fan—Last Weekend was Awesome, and it’s Only Going to Get Better!

Chapter 2 is up!

Chapter 2 from Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is up and running!

Members, start reading now.

(Remember, you must register to read chapters.)

To those of you who read the first draft, you’ll notice a lot of new material in this chapter. I filled in several unresolved issues, and I think it turned out adding a lot of character to the book’s beginning. But adding too much in a second draft can be dangerous – it can slow down the pace and needlessly bulk up the book. I kept that in mind, but I must say I’m happy with the additions.

What do YOU think? does this chapter keep with the pace of the book? Is the information about Will’s inheritance / another funeral more than you wanted to know? Or does it help you better grasp the characters and the plot? Let me know!

Welcome to the Wisconsin Werewolf blog

Welcome, readers.


Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is not a book. Not yet. It is still growing, evolving, and shaping itself into the story it will become. The first draft has been completed, and now I’m in the process of refining it. I would love to have you join in the experience, and participate in reading each chapter of the second draft as they come out. To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

So stay tuned. This is only the beginning. Tale of the Wisconsin Werewolf is on its way to becoming a full-fledged novel. This book is bigger than you or me; this is a community. Follow the action now, and become a part of it before it makes it to press.


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