About the Author

I am Edison T. Crux.

My life has been, to say the least, unique.

I was born by the name of Dustin Peltier-Robson, on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. But, alas, I only spent my first year there. We returned to Beloit, Wisconsin, which I consider my hometown.

Growing up, I was always different. I was a self-taught, home-schooled vegetarian, living in a haunted house across the street from a cemetery. It wasn’t easy; people didn’t understand my upbringing, and I couldn’t explain it. Truth is, I didn’t understand it myself at the time. But my unique education expanded my creativity, and my parents encouraged me to let my imagination soar. To this day I believe that is my greatest strength.

In my youth I became fascinated by the supernatural. I poured over stories, either fiction or folklore, about extraordinary beings. Vampires, werewolves, magic… It was my passion. And it wasn’t just the modern versions that interested me; I came to think of myself as an enthusiast of their origins. I loved seeing the progression, from ancient myths to modern trends.

Right about this time, I also developed a potent passion for coffee. That too has escalated over the years.

When I heard about the “Beast of Bray Road” in Elkhorn, Wisconsin, I was thrilled. A werewolf legend, so close to home? I had to check it out! So my dad and I set a date, drove to Elkhorn, and had a blast seeing the sights and wondering what was out there. As I stood outside our car on the scenic Bray Road, I said to my dad “there’s a story here.”

Ever since, I’ve been trying to tell it.

It’s been many years since then. Now I live in Rockford, IL. I share a home with my beautiful wife Katie and my wonderful step-son Matthew. I spend my days playing with my boy, drinking amazing coffee, and sharing my stories with the world.

As the book progressed, I came up with the pen name Edison T. Crux. Each part is layered with meaning. Over time, I came to a very personal decision; I wanted that to be my true name. So I made a very profound decision to legally change my name. It was a turning point in my life. We all have a birthday. I am one of the few who also celebrates a Rebirth Day.

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